Your Ómra Luxury Pedicure will be performed in our massaging pedicure spa chair.

Start with having any current nail polish removed. Then your feet will soak in a warm bubbly foot spa before your nails are cut and filed. After shaping your nails your nail technician will remove any excess cuticles. Next your hard skin will be removed by a foot rasp and then a refreshingly scented and cooling peppermint and tea tree foot scrub. This is followed by a very relaxing foot massage to relieve the pressure inflicted on your feet.

A luxurious foot mask will then be applied over the cream and your feet will be placed in heated booties for a time to enable the masque and the cream to penetrate deeply into the skin. Your feet will be left silky soft and wonderfully nourished.

Complete your pedicure with a nail polish application in a colour of your choice before some nourishing cuticle oil is applied to your cuticles.