Do your legs feel heavy? Need to relax before or after a long trip, or after a heavy exercise session?

Our Performance Jambes Légères treatment leaves you feeling instantly lighter and refreshed, by tackling water retention with techniques that boost circulation and improve venous return.

Best used for:

  • Men and women
  • During pregnancy
  • People with the sensation of heavy legs
  • Ideal before or after a long journey or if you travel a lot
  • After an intensive exercise session

Specific draining & decongesting ritual. Anti-inflammatory action of Centella Asiatica herb.

  • Brings about an instant sensation of freshness & lightness
  • Acts on water retention
  • Boosts blood flow & strengthens venous return


  • Micro-circulation is boosted
  • Tired legs are invigorated and relaxed
  • Sensations of heaviness are relieved

Main active ingredients:

– Centella asiatica extract: Its soothing, draining properties encourage collagen synthesis and form a mesh around blood vessels to prevent dilation.

– Ginger extract: This invigorating, draining active ingredient stimulates microcirculation to reduce water and toxin retention while improving skin comfort and appearance.

– Menthol: Instantly removes heaviness & fatigue in your feet and legs, giving you a real lift.