Warm, tissue draining body wrap with a mango fragrance, slimming massage techniques.

Want to get a slimmer figure? Or enhance your weight loss programme? Our Performance Minceur treatment (1 hour massage and wrap or 1.5 hour exfoliation, massage and wrap) removes toxins, impurities and excess water to give you a slimmer figure. The wrap targets fatty areas and, combined with expert massage techniques, reduces the appearance of cellulite and tackles built-up water and fat.

• Decongests and detoxifies, thanks to caffeine extract
• Drains and eliminates toxins, water and fat that have accumulated, thanks to the technical massage method used
• Targets dimpled areas by smoothing away the “orange peel skin” appearance and improving texture.

• The figure appears slimmer and more harmonious
• Stubborn areas are smoother
• Provides a sensation of lightness

Main active ingredients:
• Grapefruit essential oil: With anti-septic, refreshing and toning properties.
• Orange essential oil: With cleansing, astringent, sedative and calming properties.
• Centella asiatica extract: Boosts collagen production, to smooth out orange-peel skin.
• Caffeine and L-carnitine combo: Helps remove localised fat to combat cellulite.
• Horse chestnut and ginkgo biloba combo: Helps stimulate the blood microcirculation.