Anti Dark-Spot Hand Beauty Treatment

45 minutes +15 minutes for nail beauty treatments

Sublimant Des Mains nourishes, softens and beautifies hands while decreasing the intensity of dark spots. All in a real moment of relaxation and well-being.

Ideal For:
• People looking for a relaxing, softening and enhancing experience for the hands, right down to the fingertips, with a treatment effect for hands presenting dark spots

• Protect the hands against external aggression which causes pigmentation spots
• Reduce the intensity of dark spots
• Combine relaxation and well-being
• Repair the nail contour and gently remove cuticles

• The hands are soft and beautiful, dark spots appear diminished
• Hands are protected

Active ingredients:
• Shea Butter: nourishes and repairs the skin.
• Oil of Osmanthus: Action relaxing, relaxes traits and promotes recovery of the skin.
• Extracts of Myrrh and Amyris: Stimulate the reconstruction of the epidermis.
• Vegetable rice seed, hazelnut and almond: Strengthens skin against daily aggressions.

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