Our Facials

Glow Salon prides itself on our vast skincare knowledge and expertise.

Our fully qualified aesthetic therapists have many years of experience in the cosmetic and cosmeceutical fields. We are confident in our ability to diagnose and prescribe the correct skincare course of action for your individual targeted needs.

Our plan is to source your skincare problem, then find a solution for it, give you a prescription and let you enjoy the results.

Problem > Solution > Prescription > Result

Choose between Glo Therapeutics or Payot facials in our tranquil luxury treatments room.

Relax whilst you enjoy a truly indulgent experience. You will be cocooned in a soft, warm amber glow whilst our expert therapists pamper your every need. After the facial you will feel nurtured and content with the knowledge that you have received the best treatment possible.


See your skin in a different light!

Glow is proud to inform you that we have a Skin Scope skin analyser available complementary to use on you upon request.

The skin scanner uses light and magnification to show a variety of skin conditions that are undetectable with the naked eye. These problems can range from sun damage, dehydration, dryness and oiliness. Once these problems are detected our skin specialists will be able to diagnose your specific skin care needs, then use appropriate products and treatments to remedy them.

The Skin Scope is the only interactive piece of equipment available that allows clients to quickly see their own hidden skin conditions. Using our Skin Scope makes skin analysis simple, accurate and fun!

Easily identify sun-damage, dehydration, oily or dry skin using the colour chart. The different conditions show up as various colours. The Skin Scope incorporates ultraviolet light, which shows the imperfections, sun-damage, uneven texture, and surface debris that indicates the current and future appearance of the skin. The Skin Scope helps the professional to recommend the perfect treatments and products that can repair, correct or remedy current and future skin issues. Because getting it right means getting the results that you really want … beautiful skin for life.

Book your free Skin Scope today!

Glo Therapeutics

Our facials use Glo Therapeutics to revolutionize your skin.

Glo Therapeutics contain no perfumes, no parabens, no artificial colouring, no lanolin, no alcohol, a high concentration of actives with scientific discoveries and are chirally correct. We also have gluten-free formulas.

Preferred by skincare professionals worldwide, glo therapeutics offers a systematic approach to treat multiple skin concerns by incorporating home care programs & professional treatments!

Glo Therapeutics are a cosmetics and skincare line dedicated to providing our customers with what we call beauty with a higher purpose. Our skincare products are advanced formulations that work systematically to support skin health and treat skin concerns. Our full range of cleansers, toners, moisturizers, serums and specialty treatment formulations are based on established research and cutting-edge science. Our lines are uniquely formulated for skin care professionals and their clients.

Our advanced skin care products are formulated with potent concentrations of active ingredients to clinically transform the skin. Glo Therapeutics relies on innovative technology and cutting edge research to systematically target specific skin conditions and concerns to deliver beautiful results.

Glo Therapeutics products are suitable for even the most sensitive skins.

Glo Therapeutics are not tested on animals.


Obtain visible targeted results straight away with Payot. Since 1920 Dr Payot’s research combined product with movement for well-being, care and health of the skin and led to the invention of the facial. The Payot biotechnology is the method used to transform natural elements into ingredients that work at a cellular level. This method is essential in restructuring the skin. Payot has 8 face ranges to ensure you get the right product for your individual skin concern. This range is a world first to include semi-precious gemstone extract in their balms.

All Payot facials include Payots signature 42 step facial massage. This exercise regime is said to stimulate the face’s nerve centres and blood circulation to keep the face youthful, energetic and firm in the long term. It improves circulation, draining, toning the facial muscles and relaxing.

Parfaite Experience AOX (90 minutes)

Anti-ageing facial for all skin types from 25 years old as soon as wrinkles and lack of firmness appear.
A sensorial delight, 100% natural ingredients, total relaxation. Skin is instantly nourished and moisturised; features are plumped, reducing wrinkles and fine lines. With this exceptional anti-aging treatment the complexion is left brightened and glowing. Complete rejuvenating care, eliminating and correcting free radical damage. This advance skin treatment features Payot’s sparkling gold mica infused masque to illuminate the skin’s complexion.

My Payot Experience (60 minutes)

Suitable for all skin types to improve the complexion and give instant radiant skin.
Gives exceptional results. Energises, revitalises and illuminates tired, dull skin and leaves a bright complexion thanks to the effects of the super fruits gogi berries and acai berries.

Hydra Experience (60 minutes)

Suitable for all skin types

An intensive and hydrating skin therapy for clients with ageing, dehydrated and dull skins. This facial focuses on re-hydrating the skin and smoothing fine lines to leave the skin fresh and glowing. A precious mix of all senses; texture, aroma and touch, to bring an amazing and generous experience. Bathe your skin with thirst-quenching Orange Sap Water, Honey, Chestnut and Sea Algae extracts to regain radiance and luminosity. This luxurious facial hydrates and moisturizes a dry, dehydrated skin using a 100% collagen silk mask.

Pure White Experience (75 minutes)

Suitable for all skin types with dark pigmentation spots
This facial regulates melanogenesis, and smoothes and unifies the skin giving an instantly brightening effect, as well as soothing, protecting, nourishing and hydrating the skin.

Favours cell renewal
Deeply exfoliates and lightens the complexion
Dark spots are faded out

Solution Purete (60 minutes)

Suitable for combination to oily skin with or without imperfections
Deep cleanse, purify, regulate and control oil production for a perfectly clear complexion with Birch extract, Green Coffee and AHA’s. The 20 minute 42-step Modellage is performed with an anti-bacterial preparation to treat skin imperfections, purify and regulate the skin from within without drying the skin, followed by a professional mask to detoxify, minimise oil production and deep cleanse the pores. Your skin is left matte, velvety soft and fresh. Blemishes, dilated pores and a shiny nose are things of the past!
Detoxifying and eliminates imperfections Balances and normalises sebaceous secretions
Rebalances the skins flora
Gently deep cleanses the pores
Absorbs, mattifies and purifies the skin
The skin is purified and radiant
Pores are tightened, Complexion is illuminated

Solution Techni Liss (70 minutes)

This anti-ageing facial is suitable for all skin types.
Highly concentrated in AHA
Wrinkles are smoothed, irregularities disappear, complexion is uniformed, giving skin a new effect.
Rids the skin of dead cells thus skin texture is improved
The complexion is luminous, cleansed and uniformed
Provides radiance and softness
Protects fibroblasts from damage, plumps up the skin
Favours cell regeneration
Redensifies the skin, reduces wrinkles in depth
Smoothes all types of wrinkles

Solution Ultra Lift (75 minutes)

Anti-ageing. Preserves the youth of the skin
Suitable for mature skin age 45+ (Perform Lift retail)
This glamorous anti-ageing treatment for mature skin will firm the skin and erase deep wrinkles.
Lifts, remodels, hydrates and illuminates the skin
Erases the signs of ageing, slows down ageing effect
Wrinkles are deeply smoothed, the skin is firmer

Nutri Solution(60 minutes)

Suitable for dry skin
Deeply nourishes the skin to a velvety finish with its muesli mask
Re-establishes the protective barrier of the skin
Improves the skin texture
The skin is protected from external aggressors and is left soft and comfortable
Repairs dull cells and damaged skin
Rich in vitamin A, C, D & E