Threading is an ancient method of hair removal originating in Eastern countries, such as Egypt and India. In Ireland it is primarily used for eyebrow shaping and facial hair removal. It is becoming vastly popular here in the western world in recent times. Threading lasts up to 6 weeks as it removes the entire hair and root from the follicle.
In threading, a fine cotton anti-bacterial thread is pulled along unwanted hair in a twisting motion, to trap hair in a mini lasso, and lift hair right out of its follicle. It is rolled over areas of unwanted hairs, plucking the hair from the root. It differs to tweezing which removes single hairs one hair at a time, because threading can remove short lines of hair. Thus although the discomfort is similar to tweezing, the process is much quicker.
Threading involves knotting and twisting around hair to pluck it from the pore. Threading is gentler than other methods – wax, depilatory creams and bleach which can irritate your skin causing redness, pigmentation, spots & itching. Depilatory creams in particular contain harsh chemicals which can damage the skin. Threading is a less painful, less irritating, more precise, chemical-free and long-lasting hair removal experience, compared with waxing. Threading is kind to your skin – did you know that if the skin is not stretched properly, facial waxing can actually cause your skin to sag and wrinkle? It can also cause broken capillaries. Your skin is delicate and needs to be treated gently.
Eyebrows instantly frame the face. A perfect arch is like a mini face lift and can take years off you. Not only does a well-defined brow make you look fresh and younger they make you look groomed and enhance your eyes.

Advantages cited for eyebrow threading:

  • It’s extremely sanitary – nothing but thread touches the skin & it’s thrown away afterwards
  • Great for people with “trouble” brows – very concise in the hair that it removes
  • No chemicals are applied on the skin – when taking certain medication that conflicts with waxing or sugaring, one may be able to turn to threading
  • It’s very fast!
  • Ideal for sensitive skin as it is a gentle method of hair removal
  • You can remove hair from the follicle the instant the hair is visible, ensuring long lasting results

You don’t need to stop at the eyebrows! Threading is suitable for hair removal on any area of the face and can be performed effortlessly in minutes.

Threading in Ómra Beauty is always performed in a private room.

Threading available in Ómra Beauty every day except Monday.