Treatments for Men

Here at Ómra we welcome male clients. Men can avail of any of the treatments and products available to the ladies at Ómra, with the exception of specialised waxing. Facials and pedicures are particularly popular with our male clients, as well as a variety of massages and other treatments performed in a comfortable atmosphere where our clients can relax, unwind and feel revitalised.

Eye Treatments for Men

The shape of your eyebrow can give you defined expression and a youthful and approachable appearance. For many people the eyebrow can sprout the odd grey or two ageing the eye prematurely. A slight tint can eradicate this by matching it up with your natural shade. And eyelash tinting has become increasingly popular over the years too.

Manicures and Pedicures for Men

Manicures and Pedicures are performed to help rejuvenate the surface skin and nails on the hands and feet while increasing circulation to the areas too. Your hands and feet are left looking and feeling clean, soft and well maintained.
We have a full range of manicures and pedicures for you to choose between.

Between meetings? Have an express manicure or pedicure for the man on the go. We pride ourselves on attention to detail whilst ensuring a rapid treatment for you.

Enjoy a relaxing, pampering luxury pedicure to relieve your tired feet.

Eradicate rough, dry skin build up on the soles of your feet with a Callus Peel treatment, to prepare you for the walk to the 19th hole!

All of our pedicures are performed in our private, massaging, spa chair.
Please choose between our many varied treatments to suit your specific needs.